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Ambassador Bullies Dog Training, Inc.
is committed to helping dog owners understand,
manage and train their dog using exercise, consistent boundaries and LOTS of positive reinforcement! 

Private in-home training

Service Dogs

Every new client starts with an initial 90-minute consultation

This consultation is hands on and training begins immediately.

The trainer charges for time, so multiple dogs is NO added fee.

Costs begins as low as $60 per hour.


Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


321 474-4111

What Does In-home training consist of?

Our professional trainer comes to your home to get to know your dog and to observe the dynamics within the dog's home environment. During the consultation our trainer will meet with the family members to set a list of specific goals for training. The trainer will then put together a training program to achieve your goals.

During the consultation session the trainer will typically introduce you and your dog to our Structured walk/ loose leash protocol and teach you how to appropriately and clearly communicate with your dog.

  • Requires Dr Letter to qualify

  • Psychiatric Service Dog Training 

  • Puppy Raising

  • Public Access training

  • Assisting Owner/trainers

  • Safe Social Groups 

  • Task training and more!

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