Larry Lynch March 31, 2017

I have owned Neo's since 1995 and fell in love with the breed at first sight. My current one came with issues at 8 weeks old. Working in a vet hospital I have alot of animal experience, but everything that worked with my last 2 didn't work with our newest addition. Chunk is "special" as we call him. He attended "doggy day care" daily, but still dislikes everyone and everything that he does not consider "his pack". His dog aggression escalated to people aggression between 8 and 10 months old. After neutering him and taking him to see a behaviorist, without any great results, I consulted Ambassador Bullies. Kim spent alot of time talking with me and the entire family about "Chunk". Needless to say when she did her intitial eval he was like a lion on the prowl lunging and growling.(When he couldn't get to her he would come after me and got "grounded") Initially he seemed "vicious aggressive". Kim recommended training tools which we purchased and started using at our first training session. 
These trainers are wonderful, she takes the time to teach you to work with the dog. She does not take a "one size fits all approach". No cookie cutter training here. Her calm, professional manner is impeccable and she was constantly watching Chunk's behavior patterns and making suggestions on the best way to manage him. By our third session, his labeling changed to "temper tantrums" After 5 sessions we have our puppy back and have finally figured out how to manage him. I've learned to watch for signs and make him think before he reacts. He no longer lunges at me. He is 13 months old now and weighs 160#. I can't give this group enough stars. I can honestly say from my experience I recommend them from a personal stand point as well as a professional one... Giving up on our furry family member was never an option 
Will continue to use Ambassador Bullies for additional training needs or any setbacks Chunk may have, and professional recommendations would happily be given.

Winnie Amos June 29, 2017
Just wanna say THANK YOU..... Our 1st meeting with Kim was an awesome experience. Eboni, our 1 yr old Rat Terrier, is a barker when anyone comes to the door or in the house. She did the same with Kim. By the time she left Eboni was walking on the leash with her at her side with no more barking. I was even able to walk her to the door when Kim left and have a conversation without the barking. Wow.. Im impressed.... See you next week for further training..
Laney Kay May 16, 2017

I cannot say enough great things about Ambassador Bullies. I was so worried about sending my dog away to live with some strangers and train for 2 weeks so I did as much research as I possibly could. After dropping off my pup with the Ambassador Bullies team I felt so much better and was frequently kept in the loop about his progress and success throughout his training. I would suggest this organization to anyone looking for quality dog training with people who are not only trustworthy, but truly love dogs. Thank you again for all the help with Oliver! <3

Cris Reed June 22, 2016
This group is extremely dedicated to the well being of the dogs. I personally met Kim several times and she has given me valuable advice on how to handle 2 of my dogs that did not get along. I wish they weren't so far from where I live; I would use and recommend their services to friends and rescues.
Lindsey Smith Updegrove  Aug 9, 2016
I called Kim with a question about a dog that we rescued after I read an article about her in Florida Today. She was beyond helpful and so kind. She spent a significant amount of time on the phone with me and helped me to understand our situation much better. I am truly grateful for her advice and expertise. Thank you so much, Kim!
Savannah Widing May 25, 2017
Day one complete and a HUGE thank you to you Kim for being so amazing, there's already such a big difference with walking him and I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds!! Kodah says Thank you and woof woof!!
Melinda Martin Sept 24, 2016
Ambassador Bullies has literally been a God send to my husband and I. We have 4 pit bulls Tank who is 14, Gunner who is a yr in half, Kimber who is 1 yr, and Remi who is 9 months! Our dogs were running the house. They had no manners, they didn't listen, they did whatever they wanted, and we we're beginning to feel very overwhelmed! Ambassador Bullies came and taught us how to regain control of our household. Now our dogs have manners. They listen, and are no longer running the house. Gunner had reactive leash problems and we couldn't take him anywhere so we joined the board and train program with him. When Gunner came home after 2 weeks it was like he was totally different dog. Still Gunner, but he no longer lunges after other dogs when walking on a leash and we can take him out in public again! Our lives are forever changed and it's all because we decided to bring in Ambassador Bullies. These ladies are amazing. Thank you so much Jee and Kim! You guys are the best!!
Amber Hall June 23, 2016
Kim with Ambassador Bullies is passionate about what she does! For me and my husband she helped teach us as new dog owners of a Siberian husky puppy what to do and what not to do. Each week she would come to our house and literally train "me and my husband" as well as or puppy with proper techniques and handling situations with this type
Of breed. Our Bella is now 1 years old and is very well behaved thanks to Kim!
In fact we would have Kim take her out weekends for "intense training sessions-more time with Kim and with being out in public and how to behave" and we just can't thank Kim enough for all she did for us and Bella. 
If we didn't live so far away we would still be having her come once a week as training and proper behavior is key to
Happy healthy relations with our animals. 
We love Kim and all she does for the community especially the four legged community!♥️
Marcia Riley June 26, 2016

I can't say enough about Ambassador Bullies,on a professional note my house would be camp runamuck if it were not for Kim and her team.On a person note you won't meet a kinder family.I am so proud of both of you and your businesses


Private in-home training is charged per session.


No extra charge for multiple dogs.

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