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Get to know our trainers


Kim Kaleta

20 years local experience

In 2000 Kim purchased her first home and adopted her first "bully breed" dog from the local shelter. This dog was neglected and abused and Kim proudly rehabilitated this dog into a robust, confident healthy dog. Unfortunalty, the one thing Kim was unaware of at the time was how much this dog needed structure and rules.

"I was only concerned with making up for his rough past, he could do no wrong in my eyes" was Kim's theory at the time. Over time with all the freedom and lack of accountability this dog became aggressive toward other dogs and began to pick and choose which dogs he wanted to go after. 

Having grown up with Labradors and having no experience with aggression Kim immediately set forth in trying to learn how to manage and more importantly curb these dangerous behaviors. After lengthy research Kim realized that she had unintentionally created a big, entitled, bratty dog and it was her responsibility to either solve the issue or consider euthanasia on this dog that she had poured her heart into.

"There was such a disconnect between the loving pup that cuddled with my kids and the crazy beast that would appear when he would see dogs he didn't approve of" says Kim about the dogs reactive behavior.


Once Kim discovered and developed the recipe for a successful bully she started helping other pet owners that were struggling with their dogs.

Ambassador Bullies was developed by Kim in order to fill a local need for a bully breed specialist. Kim wanted dog owners with difficult dogs to not feel any shame, guilt or embarrassment over their dogs poor behavior, but rather empower them to learn to manage and curb the dogs behavior, just like she did.

In 2010 Kim apprenticed for 1 year with a local veteran dog training organization where she learned to train service dogs for psychiatric disabilities. In 2013 Kim realized her dream by establishing Ambassador Bullies Dog Training, Inc. 

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