How does this work?

Every client begins with a 90-minute in-home consultation. This consultation is Hands-On and training begins immediately.

Private in-home training is available:
Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
*After 5 pm and Sat. sessions available in some areas,
on a limited basis, for an added fee.

At the completion of your consultation you will have the option to schedule a follow up session to continue to work toward your goals.


New pricing as of July 1, 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you charge extra for more than 1 dog?

A: No, Our trainer charges for her time and distance of travel. 

2. How many sessions should I anticipate to reach my goals? 

A: Every client has different goals but most clients use 4-6 sessions. Some book more and some less. 

3. Do you travel to Mims? 

A:Yes, we serve ALL of Brevard county

4. Can we bring our dog to Palm Bay for the lower rate?

A: In most cases, yes.

However, our program is designed to be in the client home and that is what provides the most consistent results.

Our trainer has a predesignated park that we often do training at. In some cases the trainer will recommend one in-home session to provide management solutions for IN the home.

5. Do we offer Service dog support training?

A: Yes, ONLY if you have a letter from your Dr confirming that you are DISABLED and that a service dog would benefit you as part of your medical treatment plan. Also, your dog must undergo a temperament test to qualify. NOT all disabled handlers will qualify for our program.

90 minute new client Consultation Pricing:

Palm Bay, Grant, Malabar​, W. Melbourne, = $125 + equipment

Melbourne, Pineta, = $145

Suntree / Viera / Tropical trail = $165

Beachside, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, IHB, PAFB = $165

We are no longer traveling to Titusville. But we encourge you to bring your dog to Palm Bay to work with our trainer.

*This cost does NOT include the training collar that is $25

1 hour follow up training:

The cost per hour is:

Palm Bay, Grant, W. Melbourne, Malabar = $75

Melbourne, Pineta = $90

Beachside, Indialantic, Satellite Beach, IHB, PAFB = $125

Do you feel like this is URGENT

and you cant wait?

We have you covered!

Our lead trainer Kim offers emergency sessions within 24-48 hours.

Emergency sessions are limited ONLY to clients who's dog(s) are at immediate risk of injuring a human (accidentally or incidentally), injuring another animal, or for any dog that is at potential risk of being re-homed or euthanized.


These session focus heavily on creating a management protocol. We discuss potential benefits and limitations of our program openly and honestly. We believe STRONGLY that dogs that show ANY signs of aggression should be managed closely.

The cost is $200-$250 depending on travel.

Please contact us immediately if you think that your dog is in an "emergency" situation.

321 474 4111

If you would like to book a training consultation please choose a day of the week and time of day you prefer [refer to available times listed above] and submit your preferred date/time via the "CONTACT" form below.

or text/call 321-474-4111

to speak directly with the trainer.

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