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Puppy Preschool Boarding


Board and Train

To ensure that your dog is a good fit for our program, and to familiarize you with our training methods and style we require a minimum of 1 Private in home training session prior to qualifying for a board-and-train program.

Our Puppy Philosophy

Ambassador Bullies believes that puppies should be allowed to discover the world through sensory enrichment, appropriate play, canine social mentors and of course training. 

Our puppy training is done through shaping* behaviors we want first, then we "train" skills and add expectations and accountability over time.

*Shaping basically just means that we use a series of steps to teach your dog to do a new behavior. By breaking the behavior into easily-achievable steps, your dog will feel successful during the training process. This will also speed up learning and reduce confusion and frustration. Most importantly, as your dog learns more and more new behaviors using shaping and positive reinforcement, he will start to enjoy learning new things and will look forward to interacting with you during training.

Puppy Preschool Board & Train

(10 weeks-6 months old)

$700 per week +

  • Name recognition training

  • Intro to positive and negative verbal markers ("yes" and "ah ah")

  • Potty training - done through positive reinforcement 

  • Crate conditioning - getting puppy comfortable with the crate

  • Crate training - teaching pup to go to enter it's "crate" when verbally prompted

  • Intro to leash walking - getting pup familiar with leash walking

  • Intro to structured walk - getting puppy familiar with leash guidance

  • Basic obedience - Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Heel, Crate, Load Up and Break

  • Daily sensory enrichment - introduction and exposure to new sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells


2-wk Basic Obedience

Board and Train ($2400)

Aggressive dogs do not qualify for 2 week program

Skills listed will be introduced and proofed around "real life" distractions, both indoors and outdoors

  • Structured Leash walk - walk politely on leash on the handler's side without pulling

  • Sit - even when distracted. With and without food

  • Down - even when distracted, remain down w/ distractions

  • Stay - remain in position (handler within 20 ft)

  • Wait - Sit politely for reward and for instructions

  • Crate - enter crate on command and relax

  • Break - break/ move from your position on command

  • Recall - come when called (handler within 25 ft)

  • Threshold manners- waiting at outer doors for permission to exit/enter (giving eye contact without prompt)

  • Load up/Unload - enter and exit vehicle politely on command


This program prepares your dog eventually graduate to remote collar training (if you choose)

3-wk Obedience with Off-leash Board and Train ($3250)

Remote collar - Board and Train

*Aggressive/Reactive dogs may be more

All basic obedience skills (refer to 2 week program) are taught through leash and collar. We then introduce low level remote collar to familiar commands and proof the new skills around heavy distractions both on/off-leash


 Program includes: 1 Mini Educator Remote Collar 

  • Walk politely - on leash with auto-sit

  • Sit with duration - hold position for up to 3 min

  • Down with duration - hold position 10 min

  • Intro to Place - move onto place cot, down/stay

  • Recall work - coming when called off leash

  • Threshold manners w/o leash - no darting 

  • Crate - enters crate when prompted, auto down

  • Waiting for food - auto sit and wait for food

     This program allows for other behavioral problems to be addressed. 

All board-and-train programs include:
Pick up and Drop off by one of our professional trainers, within Brevard County
1 Training collar (Starmark, Martingale or Hermsprenger) sized at the trainers discretion
6 ft leash (Trainers choice for width)
2 hours of one-on-one coaching with the dog’s owner at drop off.  
All boarding is "Family Style" meaning the dog is boarded and trained in one of our professional trainer's home. 

Don't see a program for your situation?

We also offer Board and train for dogs with separation anxiety and dog reactivity and more!


Contact our professional trainers to discuss your specific needs and goals.

Fear of  approaching dogs or of a dog fight?

Are you or a loved one nervous or fearful 

around dogs after a traumatic incident?

  • We can teach you how to better understand your dogs body language.

  • How to break up a dog fight safely.

  • How to manage an approaching off leash dog.

  • How to manage rough play and when to step in.

Overcoming Trauma?

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